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seat at the table


Our goal is to establish an inclusive space accessible to all individuals aged 13 to 19. We are dedicated to ensuring that everyone feels secure, valued, and listened to. Grounded in our core values of respect, inclusivity, and kinship, we aim to make a positive difference in our communities. Our motto, "Juntos somos familia," emphasizes the significance of unity, fostering a sense of belonging, and ensuring that everyone has a place at the table.


The legacy of our impact will resonate throughout our community, leaving a lasting imprint on the lives of young people and shaping their relationships with a profound sense of belonging. Rooted in our conviction, we firmly believe that fostering meaningful connections and serving others not only builds but also sustains the bonds of family. 


Prioritize Family Above All Else

Value Time and Presence

Step Up and Step Back Appropriately

Acknowledge and Engage with Others

Honor Relationships and Self-Reflection

Consistently Show Up

Approach with an Open Mind and Heart

Remain Grounded in Our Vision

Embrace Discomfort for Growth

Leave a Lasting Legacy