Our Story

Two resolute students and a dedicated staff member at Roosevelt High School in Boyle Heights initiated The Breakfast Club to transform the school's culture. This club emboldened youth to voice their thoughts free from the shackles of judgment or bias stemming from their backgrounds or academic pursuits. In doing so, it fostered deep connections among students and faculty alike. Central to the club's ethos was the conviction that our familial bonds extend beyond our lineage to encompass the relationships we cultivate and the connections we form.

board members

Rafael Dominguez


kimberly olivo & 

Reyna Zuniga

Kimberly and Reyna laid the foundation for The Breakfast Club as a student-led initiative within their campus community. Building upon their vision, our non-profit organization, The Breakfast Club RHS, was established to foster a sense of belonging and active engagement among students. Their objective was to cultivate an inclusive environment where students from diverse backgrounds could come together to connect and contribute positively to their community.